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Last updated on February 4, 2008.

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FMail Download

FMail exists in five different flavors, to support different needs. Just click on the appropriate file name to download the file.

Hudson / JAM message base

  • The DOS and DOS/386 version is called FMAIL160.ZIP. This version supports up to 512 echomail areas.
  • The DPMI version is FMLX_160.ZIP. This version supports up to 4096 echomail areas. It requires at least a 80386 processor. The archive contains both a 16 bit and a 32 bit version.
  • The OS/2 version is called FML2_160.ZIP.
  • The Windows 32 bit version is called FMLW_160.ZIP. It runs on Windows 95/98/ME and on Windows NT/2000/XP.

QuickBBS GoldBase / JAM message base

  • The QuickBBS GoldBase version is currently available as a 16 bit DPMI version FMLXG160.ZIP and as a Windows 32 bit version FMLWG160.ZIP.